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Our Philosophy 

As teachers in several schools and colleges for many years, we saw first hand the limitations of the current educational system where the teaching of the Greek language is still based on old-fashioned methods.

As parents we have also realized that nowadays, kids need more stimuli, more interaction, more flexible and more innovative ways of learning.

Also taking into consideration that many families across the world do not have the opportunity to physically attend a Greek school due to distance (reside far away from one) and their busy working schedule, we decided to offer a new, flexible, and innovative learning experience.


Furthermore, we consider Greek not only a second language for our students but mostly a heritage language and thus we have created a modern teaching approach.

We respect and value our students' efforts and expectations and we commit to provide them with the best educational experience. We do not offer one-size fits all classes but a modern, interactive, and fun, learning experience that delivers real results. 

We love what we do and you will love it too!

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