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  • How can I know my level? Do I get to choose my learning cycle?
    Before registering, you will have to complete a questionnaire where you will indicate your learning priorities and expectations. Furthermore, you will have to complete an assessment test to determine your current knowledge of Greek. These two elements will determine your starting learning cycle.
  • What do I need to start my lessons?
    You will only need a reliable internet connection and determination! Everything else (learning materials, e-books, etc) will be provided by us.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    In case you miss a group class, your teacher will provide a detailed summary of the lesson and will give you all the information you need so as to proceed smoothly with the next session. In case you are not able to attend a private lesson, you will have to inform your teacher 24 hours in advance. Your teacher will inform you about the possible make up dates.
  • How can I monitor my child’s progress?
    Our teachers provide parents with frequent updates on their child’s progress. In case there is a need of improvement, the teachers provide the student with extra support and parents are informed accordingly.
  • What happens if I feel that I need more help?
    Your teacher is always available for you. By sending an email with your concerns, your teacher will respond and provide targeted help and support.
  • Can I book an online class only for my family?
    Yes you can. You can talk with us and we will arrange a “family class” that will serve your learning needs. There is nothing better than sharing a great learning experience with the people you love the most!
  • I am not good with technology. Is Greek Lessons 4 All the right method for me?
    Yes! There is no need to worry. We only use simple learning applications and our teachers always give detailed instructions before using a new tool.
  • What should I do when my 4 year old is attending an online class?
    For all students from 3 to 6 years old, it is mandatory that an adult stays near by and is ready to facilitate the child during the learning process. The presence of an adult will make the child feel even more confident and able to enjoy the interactive and fun lesson we have prepared for him/her.
  • What happens if I am placed in a level but for some reason I can not participate in the next cycle, but wish to continue later?"
    We fully understand that life happens! This is why Greek Lessons 4 All is the right programm for you. If you need to discontinue your studies with Greek Lessons 4 All, and start again after a period of time, contact us and let us know. When it’s time to return, we will evaluate your knowledge and place you at the proper level and cycle.
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