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Your education is in good hands

All our teachers hold Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Greek and American Universities. Their combined teaching experience surpasses 50 years in classrooms and online programs throughout Europe and North America.  Their extensive exposure to the efforts and struggles of people wanting to learn Greek as a Second  Language, forms a solid foundation for them to create a unique and original learning material for the students they serve.

Our teachers’ passion for knowledge and superior educational services, as well as their commitment to self-improve, become the motivating factors to continuously participate in seminars and college programs that focus on pedagogical methods, the teaching of the Modern Greek Language, bilingualism, technological advancements in the field of education, creating curriculum, special education and so much more.

Lifelong learning is a core belief for Greek Lessons 4 All, thus we never cease to learn and become better for our students and their needs. 

Our teachers are not on a job but on a mission.
A mission to offer an exciting and unique learning experience.

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