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Learn Greek Your Own Way

  • Want to learn Greek as a new language?

  • Want to dive into Greek culture?

  • Want to keep the Greek language and identity alive in your family?

  • Want to learn Greek for travel or business?

  • Want to improve your Greek conversational skills?

Greek Lessons 4 All is your best option!

Our teachers offer 100% customized remote, live classes (group or private) for all ages and levels that will match your needs. Avoid traffic, the stressful classroom environment and learn Greek, on your own pace, from the comfort of your home. You just have to complete a simple questionnaire and we will provide you with a 100% customized learning experience.

Why choose Greek Lessons 4 All

  • We offer a complete range of  remote live courses (group or private) that will cover all your educational needs. 

  • Before registering you will fill in a questionnaire with your learning needs/ preferences and an evaluation test to assess your current level.

  • We offer 100% customized remote live lessons based on your needs. No one-size fits all policy. 

  • Each class consists of no more than 5 persons for more fun, more interactive learning experience.

  • Our courses are 100% remote with a live teacher so you won’t need to waste time traveling. We respect your time and we make the most out of it.

  • We use user friendly learning tools for productive and fun lessons. 

  • Our educators monitor each student's progress on a daily basis and work together them to ensure that there is a continuous progress. 

  • Parents are fully involved in the learning progress of their kids and always informed about any need for improvement.

  • Our remote live classes are never boring, never dull. Learning is so much easier when you are having fun.

  • Greek Lessons 4 All is your go to source when it comes to professional learning with immediate results.



What people say

Angie T.

"The first year of Greek tutoring for our son has been a huge success! Alexandra and Dimitra do a great job with working to everyone's pace while moving forward with the curriculum. The lessons progress very naturally. I love that they work on topics that are currently relevant in their lives (holidays, vacation, etc.) The small class size makes the lessons feel both personal and social at the same time. We've done other Greek lessons in the past and have seen the most progress within a year at Greek Lessons 4 All. More importantly though, we have seen enthusiasm to learn the Greek language."

Misa M.

"My 8 years old daughter has been taking Greek Lessons 4 All for almost 8 months now.  Greek is spoken with her dad’s family in Greece while she speaks English and Japanese fluently.  Her Greek speaking skill dramatically improved thanks to the creative, fun filled and convenient Greek Lessons 4 All.  Now my daughter can call Yiayia in Greece independently having a conversation with her.  


As her age goes up, her Greek school schedule conflicts with her other activities.  We tried Greek Lessons 4 All knowing that we can schedule her Greek lesson flexibly (thus consistent exposure to Greek Language) as well as be able to save time to commute. We made the right decision.  Greek Lessons 4 All teachers made an adjustment whenever needed so we didn’t have to give up neither her sports activities and Greek lessons.  That brings consistency to her Greek language exposure. We even took some lessons from overseas while we were traveling.  


Teachers are very creative for lessons. They also have vast knowledge of Greek culture, traditions and history. My daughter surprises her Greek dad by telling him something he never thought she knew, which she learned from Greek Lessons 4 All teachers. We also had a chance to take their group lessons. My daughter formed a friendship with other kids she is always looking forward to studying with. Greek Lessons 4 All teachers did a great job connecting them even via screen.  

Teachers at Greek Lessons 4 All know how important the heritage language is to families and how difficult it is to keep it up. Thus they respect our wishes and schedule all the time so we don’t give up learning it.   


I asked my daughter. Do you like Greek Lessons 4 All? She said, Yes. I asked her why. She said, “Because it’s fun. I like it. I like Ka.Verda because she is nice, funny and clever like Hermione Granger.”

Maria S.

"Greek Lessons 4 All provides for a personalized learning experience.  The program offers the opportunity to learn more about each child and customize the lessons to maximize their learning. The teachers are also engaging with the children! They are always happy, caring, and friendly.  During instruction, the teachers incorporate the children’s interests and activities to make learning relevant. In addition, the teachers fold in cultural and religious holidays along with traditions to provide for a Greek experience."  

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